Notary publics help to prevent fraud through verifying signatures on documents. The state of Colorado requires a notary public to pass the Colorado Notary Public Exam, which is available at online the state’s website. The purpose of the exam is to ensure that notary publics are ready to perform this important function.

A lot of people find exams to be stressful. But don’t worry. The CO Notary Public exam is easy to pass with the right preparation.

Stop trying to cheat by searching online for the Colorado notary exam answers and start studying the colorado notary law instead. After all, the purpose of the exam is to make sure you're ready to perform notarial acts without breaking the law. The Colorado Secretary of State is trying to protect you by making you take the online notary exam.

The state’s handbook

The state of Colorado has relased a notary public handbook which includes all of the information that’s needed to notarize properly. Tis makes it a valuable resource in exam preparation. You should become very familiar with this handbook. You can find it here:

Take a course

It’s probably no surprise, but one of the most common ways to learn something is to take a course. The state of Colorado requires new notary publics and some renewing notary publics to take a course. All of the information that’s on the exam is presented in a state-approved notary training course.

Know the laws

The state of Colorado requires that you read the notary public law before you submit your application. Don’t just read the law to be able to meet the requirement; actually take the time to study it to help prepare yourself for the test. You can find the laws here:

How to study to pass the Colorado Notary Public Exam

We were all probably great students at one point, but for some of us that was a while ago. We might have forgotten how to be good students. Here are some quick tips for success.

• Manage your time - Studying takes time and we all have busy lives. Try to schedule time to study in a place where you will be free from interruptions. Don’t try to cram everything into one night because you might get burned out or tired and it will be hard to remember what you are trying to learn.

• Take notes - You probably remember that just about every teacher taught you different ways to take notes. Your notes are your own so use whatever works best for you.

• Slow and steady wins the race - Don’t try to rush. Take your time and you’ll learn more.

• Don’t stress out - Try to be relaxed when you study and you’ll remember more.