We sometimes receive questions about edge case, unusual, or otherwise unique notarizations from our Colorado Notary Training students long after they have passed our course and became a notary public. Any training can't cover every odd situation or else the training would last forever. In our online training course, we cover all of the information the the Colorado Secretary of State requires and try to arm our students with the information required to handle those unique edge cases not mandated by the state's curriculum. This makes our training more engaging and quicker since our students are bogged down by a lot of odd examples that they will likely never see in their work as a notary public. This approach also allows them to concentrate on the most important parts of the notary law.

We really enjoy helping our students and like to stay in touch, but most of the answers to these questions can usually be found in the Colorado Notary Handbook, which is published by the state. Don't misunderstand us; we like hearing from you. It's just that we know that sometimes you might be in front of a client and need an answer quickly. We suggest that you keep a printed copy of the handbook (and the Notary Law) with you whenever you are performing notarizations. That way you can be prepared in case you receive a unique request.

But what about those one-off unique situations when the handbook or the law is confusing? In that case, we're here to assist. Simply give us a call or use the contact form on our website for help.

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