The Colorado notary seal, often referred to as the "notary stamp" is the instrument that the Colorado notary public uses to notarize a document in addition to the notary public's signature. The state has many requirements for seals, all of which are covered in our Colorado Notary Training Course. A summary of the requirements appears below.

There are currently two types of seals that are acceptable for use in Colorado. These are the old type and those that meet the new requirements that began on August 8, 2012. The old type may only be used if it was purchased before August 8, 2012 and until a commission is renewed so these should all be out of use by mid 2016. Since no one is permitted to purchase the old type, only the new requirements are covered below.

The notary public seal must be a rectangular ink stamp that has a rectangular outline or border. Embossers may not be used, but the law does not specify a specific size or color of ink. To look more professional, though, it's recommended to use blue or black, with blue being preferred since it stands out on documents that are likely printed in black ink. The seal should contain the following items inside of the border:

  1. The legal name of the notary public
  2. The words "NOTARY PUBLIC"
  3. The words "STATE OF COLORADO"
  4. The ID number of the notary public
  5. The commission expiration date of the notary public


Notary Seal Example

The seal must not contain any other information within the outline or border and the name on the seal must exactly match the name on the notary public's certificate, which is the name that the notary public uses during the application process.

Notary publics must stamp their seal clearly in a location directly under or near their official signature. The seal may not be stamped over signatures and stamping over document text should be avoided.

The Secretary of State does not provide notary seals (or notary journals). These supplies can be purchased through retailers that specialize in selling Colorado notary supplies.

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