Online Colorado Real Estate License and Continuing Education Courses

Some of our students have asked us if we offer Colorado real estate license classes. We take that as a compliment because it means that students really enjoyed our course and want to stay with us for their real estate career.

Unfortunately, we don't offer real estate courses since we're not a Colorado real estate school, but we have the next best thing. is partnering with The CE Shop to offer online real estate courses.

Online Continuing Education

Our partners over at The CE Shop offer courses to help you

They are 100% state-approved and all of their courses are online, which means that they can be accessed 24/7.

Bopters Media, LLC has established an agreement with The CE Shop to promote online course information to consumers and real estate licensees. Bopters Media, LLC is not the developer of these courses and is simply providing a referral. Any questions regarding course content or technology should be directed to The CE Shop.