Colorado Notary Application Denial


No one wants their Colorado notary application to be rejected by the Secretary of State's office. A denied application can lead to more work in correcting the errors or even embarrassment if you have to tell your family, friends, or coworkers. We want you to avoid the hassle so we have compiled a list of the most common rejection reasons below. Knowing these can help you to avoid them when you submit your own application. Learn from the mistakes of others!

  • Copy of identification not included: The new online application site makes it more difficult to forget to include the required documents, but this used to be a big rejection reason.
  • The application form is not notarized: Even with the online application process there is still a form that you need to print out and have notarized by a current notary public.
  • Signatures do not match the printed names (both yours and the person notarizing your application): The state's requirements are that "Your official signature must be consistent, but it does not have to be an exact match to your legal name. For example, if your legal name is John Alan Doe, you can sign 'JA Doe.' If your legal name is Catherine Smith, you can sign 'Cathy Smith.'" Source.
  • Incomplete or inaccurate application form: Make sure that the information in the application is both complete and accurate.
  • Address does not match the one on file: Make sure that you use consistent addresses in your application.
  • Applicant does not meet the requirements (i.e. convicted of a felony): Before you apply you should make sure that you meet the requirements.

We hope that this list helps your Colorado notary application to be right the first time. We also cover all of these rejection reasons in our Colorado Notary Training Course.

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