The state of Colorado requires that all persons applying for new notary public commissions or those that have allowed their commissions to expire for longer than thirty days attend approved Colorado Notary Public Training. After completing this class, they must also take an exam on the state's website.

This training covers the application process and the duties and responsibilities of a notary public. What a lot of prospective notary publics might not know is that the state reviews all of the training provided by a training vendor prior to authorizing the course in great detail.

When we submitted our Colorado Notary Training to the state we did not realize that they were in the process of updating some of the requirements and had not published them. In their review of our content, the state had asked us to change some of the information to the information that was going to be published shortly. Since we want to provide the most useful notary training possible, we were happy to oblige. Our training was approved and it was available right about when the state released their updated rules. This made our training the most up to date at the time that it was published.

Since that time we have strived to keep our training as up to date as the day that it was released and we have trained a very large number of Colorado notary publics through our engaging online notary class.

Colorado Notary Course