We recently asked the Colorado Secretary of State's office for the top two common concerns that they see with the Notary Public application process. Below are the main details of reply with some descriptive details added by us.

Have all required documents ready when you apply. These should be scanned and ready to attach per their online instructions. Note that the last two documents (the certificates) are already in pdf format so they can simply be uploaded without scanning.

  1. Affirmation(PDF), signed and notarized, then scanned to be uploaded.
  2. Acceptable identification, copy of both sides. If you have a Colorado driver's license or state ID card, you can choose to enter your ID number instead of scanning and attaching a copy.
  3. If you are not a US citizen, a copy of both sides of your permanent resident card or visa.
  4. Notary public training certificate of completion from the Colorado Notary Public Training on this website.
  5. Notary exam certificate showing completion from the state's website.

You'll have all of these documents if you follow the "Application Changes & Review" process that is detailed in our Notary Training Course.

Enter your email address carefully. If there is a typo, you will not receive information from the state regarding your approval or rejection. Also, you must keep this email address up to date if you change jobs. If you change jobs and your former employer closes your email account, you will have to contact the state for assistance changing your information.

We want to add that when you purchase our Online Notary Course, you should also pay careful attention to the details that you enter, especially your email address, because if we have a question or concern or even notice that your email address might be incorrect when messages bounce back to us we will not have a way to contact you to let you know so the issue can be resolved.

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