Common Mistakes: Not Staying Informed


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The Colorado Secretary of State has listed a number of common mistakes for notary publics to avoid on their website. Some of these have to do with the use of the notary seal. Of course, all of these mistakes are also covered in our Colorado Notary Training, but since the state has specifically mentioned them, we feel that it's important to cover them here too.  Knowing them can help you pass the notary exam. This is part four in a four-part series of blog posts.

The notary public must fully understand the notary law. The information within the notary law controls everything that a Colorado notary public may do in performing his or her notarial duties. The notary public should keep the notary law handy so that it can be referenced as needed.

The Colorado Secretary of State has also created a Notary Handbook, which describes the duties in more straightforward words than the law. This document also covers some helpful guidance for notary publics. We have also written blog post specifically about the Colorado Notary Handbook that contains more helpful recommendations.

Sometimes notary publics might have questions that are not covered in the law, handbook, or a notary training course. All of our Online Notary Training students may contact us with any questions before, during, or after they complete our course. Of course, the state is also there to help you with any questions that you have as well.

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