Is Online Training Right for Me?


This is a question that I've heard for over a decade. I originally started becoming involved with online learning in 2003 when I began teaching and developing courses for an online college. I caught the itch for online education and moved up the ranks quickly. I want from teaching and developing courses to hiring teachers and course developers and then hiring the people that hire those people. In short, I became the dean of an online college. It is there that I learned the secrets for how to make a quality online course and it is those secrets that influenced our Online Colorado Notary Training Class.

So what are the secrets? The first one is knowing that not everyone prefers to take an online class, but sometimes people have to. This is usual for convenience reasons since an online class can be attended at any time on your own schedule and you don't have to drive to a specific location, often far away, to take a specialized course. This means that some people need to take an online course, but they really don't want to.

To make it easier for these people, the technology involved in an online course can't get in the way of learning. It has to be easy to navigate the course so all of a student's time can go into the content and not the platform. That's why we develop our courses with familiar interfaces. If you have ever watched a video on YouTube, filled out an online form, and downloaded a file from a website then you have all the technical skills necessary to take our training course.

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