Where do I get the exam certificate?

The exam certificate is issued by the state after you complete their exam on their website. This is separate from our training quiz.

The state provides the certificate upon completion of their exam. If the state says that they are missing the “exam certificate” then they are looking for a certificate from their website, not our training.

To assist, here are the application instructions from the course:

  • Step #1: Attend Authorized Training Course: You will have completed this step after you pass the quiz in this training course.
  • Step #2: Pass State Exam: To access the State Exam, click here.
  • Step #3: Complete and Print Online Application: To complete your online application on the State's website, click here.
  • Step #4: Have Signature Notarized and Complete Application: Take your application to a Notary Public and have it notarized. Think of this as a learning opportunity. You will then scan and submit all of your documents to the Secretary of State.
  • Step #5: Order Supplies: Once the Secretary of State approves your application and you receive your Notary ID/commission number, click here to purchase your notary supplies.
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