What’s the total cost to become a Notary?

Add the following items:

  1. The cost of this training course.
  2. The cost to apply to the State. Note that the State suggests that training vendors NOT quote this price so we're following the State's directions by asking you to look for this fee on its website.
  3. The cost of your notary supplies (e.g., seal/stamp and journal).

Since these prices can change and depend on your own purchase decisions, it's difficult to quote an exact price, but the total cost for becoming a new notary should be around or under $100. That includes this training course, your state application fee, and all of the required supplies. Note that this total cost could be lower depending on your own choices. It might also be higher if you choose premium supplies (which are not really necessary), other training courses, or a competitor's training course packaged with supplies.

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